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Signe received her massage license in 1992 and immediately began a practice specializing in sports massage. In the 20 years she has been practicing, craniosacral therapy and reflexology have become a part of the massage process at Quiet that can only be described as a tapestry of styles always customized to your needs.

The yoga journey began twenty years ago as well but the formal teaching and training took place at YogaYoga for a 500 hour RYT in 2010. Signe then studied with Sadie Nardini incorporating vinyasa and Rod Stryker incorporating mindfulness on the mat. Much like the massage at Quiet, the yoga is also a blend of styles with the intention of meeting the students where they are. Signe considers herself a lifelong yoga student always relishing at the chance to take a workshop or increase her yoga education.

At Quiet, most classes are a blend of flow and stillness; surrender and fierceness; gentleness and honest self assessment. In short, Quiet will bring balance, strength and quiet to your body, mind and spirit.

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